L` Archibras (En)

A continuación compartimos la traducción al inglés, que elaboró Joaquín Poviña (Gestor Cultural y Cooperativista Archibrazo) durante el año 2021

The Archibrazo.  Charles Fourier.

     Even though man are a identique raze in every planet, they have in the suns a remarcable advantage compared to others from other planets: Its the harmony arm or Archibrazo that reunites all the habitities spreaded between many terrestrial animals, those from an elephants trunk and from the prensil tail from an ape. This harmony arm is a real tail of great longitude, with 144 vertebrae that start from the coxis. It elevates and rest over the back wich from reaches twice the human bodys height, this is how, according to our heigh, it would have around 5 meters long from a meter gets lost on the backs rest and at least around 4 extends above it.

An habitant of the sun could confront, at the same time and with steady step, with a lion and a bull, 6 steps ahead he would break his spine with a single strike from the Archibrazo and would knock down the bull holding it by the horns or legs without getting close, and It could easily cut a snakes head. Anyway, its armed to resist against every animal and leaves an armed man at their same level. We can imagine how superior it would be if its armed with a sword. The Archibrazo concludes on a very tiny streached hand, as strong as an eagles claws or a donkeys hooves. Fingers have an inverse dimension: Index and pinky are bigger than the ring and middle fingers, and the thumb is very long. This hand has, a lions paw, movile and retractile claws. The Archibrazo allows the man, when swiming, to go as fast as a fish. It can search for objets at the bottom of the water and hold and safe a net. With its support, a man reaches a 4 meter height branch, he can jump on the tree and go down the same way. Can cut fruits from the higest branches and picks them up with the bag being hold with the archihand. It works as a whip and reins to whos driving a plow or even, while sitting insede the cart, pick up the harvest or stop the weel without having to get down. Its usefull to tame a wild horse: The rider can tie up its legs with the Archibrazo. Its also usefull to grab any animal by its horns and an elephant from its fangs. It can direct a ballon or an airplanes wings. Its ininitely usufull to play any instrument, it multiplies hand faculties because its fingers, even though small, are very extensible. Anyway, its uses are so brilliant and numerous that results easier to conseive them than describe them. This member offers inmense riches to the inhabitants of the sun, accelerating prodigiously their labor.

If we could look at the inhabitants of the solar globe, every one of them, man or women, would appear to be wrapped on a big white snake whose head and neck would develope from the shoulder wich would be its restin point. Because, with the Archibrazo, a longitude twice as the arms is reached. it fully unrolls only in case of mayor uses. In the case of a jump, after gaining momentum the Archibrazo leans in a spiral. This way it multiplies the natural impulse by three times and dampens the strike of the fall by two thirds. It wraps it up in the shape of a cone to make a fall slower forming a kind of inferior parachute making it possible to fall from a very high place without bigger damage than a minor contusion given that the first hit is beholded by the Archibrazo that reaches the grownd earlier and wriaps in a spiral to form a support spring.

The man provided with an Archibrazo never, or almost never, has to lean on his labor. if working with a hoe or a shovel, its used very comfortably, because the Archibrazo holds the tools from the iron part while the other two hands hold the handle. That way the lever its reinforced by its extension and its double support getting to perform a job 3 times more efficient employing the same streght.If the builder climbs the spire of a steepler the Archibrazo is usefull to tie himself and prevent falls allowing full use of the hands and the archihand. The uses that marines give to this member ar a lot more extense. Through it they can climb to the masts with an apes speed, stay propertly ties and have at their disposal three hands, one of wich can be extended by four meters. A hundread pages could be filled making a detailed description of the beautiful uses of this member without wich the human body is a real abortion.

It could be surprising that God hasnt favored human kind with the usage of this member so usefull to the race than inhabist our planet. But if it was provided with this natural weapon it would destroy itself given that it results usefull only to those man that never go through strong discords periods. Although there are moments of disagreement between the Solarians, in ther fights its forbidden by an honor pact the usage of the Archibrazo given that through it two man could open each others bellys with simultaneous strikes. It could be objected that on a harmony state or by the effect of the general gentelness disputes could be treated in a civilized way as it happens today with the courtiers. This obsarvation is fair but it is not less true that we should let a go by many thousands of years on a discord state in wich God must deny us the Archibrazo. It will only be given to us when we have passed to the Composed Harmony era that will begin after 16 generations of the Simple Harmony (around 400 years). The human raze in that time will be provided finally with an Archibrazo like the Sun inhabitants. It will loose this organ by the end of the world when it had refallen onto the Simple Harmony or twenty fifth social period.

Traducción colectiva original: Sarah Froidurot, Sylvia Valdes y Pablo Ifantidis, Traducción al inglés: Joaquín Poviña
*Se recomienda compartir igual. CC.

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